Letícia Carolina Nascimento on “nothing about us without us”

Letícia Carolina Nascimento smiles at the camera, wearing a blue dress with details in red, white and black.

Letícia Carolina Nascimento on “nothing about us without us”

This episode was originally published on June 29, 2022, on Whose Knowledge?’s site. Audio is in Brazilian Portuguese.

What are your references when reflecting on knowledge? Which voices are present in the content that populates the internet?

In this episode, travesti professor and researcher Letícia Carolina Nascimento, who works at the Federal University of Piauí (Brazil), talks about the rich ecosystem of online content about LGBTQIAP+ lives and experiences, in particular of those who are Black and trans. There are short videos that explain complex academic literature, publications on independent media outlets, Wikipedia biographies, knowledge pills made available across different platforms. Still, Letícia stresses the inequalities in the reach and recognition of knowledge producers from marginalized communities.

We need more campaigns that give visibility to these people.

Letícia points out a central question for trans visibility and representation: in her words, “nothing about us without us.” Especially when it comes to productions led by allies, it’s important to note from which references and which embodied experiences each content is produced.

It’s about trying to respect these standpoints, instead of imposing hegemonic voices on historically underrepresented ones.