Sandra Kwikiriza on the many ways online spaces can be safer for queer people

Sandra Kwikiriza wears a bright gilet in chitenge fabric, over a black strappy top and jeans, smiling widely into the camera.

Sandra Kwikiriza on the many ways online spaces can be safer for queer people

The digital space has undoubtedly provided valuable opportunities for the queer community to connect, express themselves, and advocate for their rights. However, there are still several gaps and challenges that exist for the queer community in the online world. Some of these challenges include; online harassment and hate speech, lack of representation, data privacy and security, access and digital divide, algorithmic bias and censorship and online dating and relationships among others.

In this episode, Sandra Kwikiriza, founder of Her-Internet joins Youlendree and Kerubo to explore knowledge gaps in terms of digital space and challenges faced by the queer community while using the internet.

The discussion reminds us of the shrinking civic space and crackdown on queer communities in Uganda through such legislation like the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which has had significant consequences for queer knowledge production, safety of LGBTQIA+ people and much more.

According to Sandra, addressing these gaps and challenges requires a multi-faceted approach involving platforms, policymakers, and society as a whole. Efforts should focus on combating online harassment, promoting inclusive representation, ensuring data privacy and security, bridging the digital divide, combating algorithmic biases, and fostering safer online spaces for queer individuals to connect, express themselves, and find support.