Whose Voices?

Ep 5 - Amira Dhalla on the Internet, governance and getting comfortable with discomfort

Amira Dhalla is an educator who’s laser focused on technology as it intersects with inclusion, privacy, equity and rights. She’s currently working on her Masters of Public Administration in Human Rights and Technology, at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Previously, she was the Global Participation Programs — Gender and Education Lead at the Mozilla Foundation, where she developed a variety of programs that served to teach digital literacy and providing safe spaces for women online.

"The internet is the world’s largest living resource…I can’t even describe it more than that and the importance of what it means to people in terms of the knowledge they gain, the connections they build, the economic opportunity that it provides.”

In this podcast interview we spoke to Amira at Decolonizing the Internet 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. We discussed Amira’s views on creating safe spaces online, whether the internet should have more governance, and why she believes that understanding what the words ‘colonize’ and ‘decolonize’ mean, alongside discomfort, is key for facilitating change in people.

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