Whose Voices?

Ep 9 - Cecilia Tuyuc and the right of indigenous languages and their people to live on the Internet

Cecilia Tuyuc is a teacher and language activist from San Juan de Comalapa, Guatemala. In this episode she reflects around racism towards indigenous peoples, online content creation in her native language, the role of women as knowledge keepers, and much more!

Ep 7 - Angela Cuc: Indigenous languages as a way of claiming ancestral knowledge

Angela Cuc, Maya Kaqchikel and Social Communicator, reflects about the challenges of producing and uploading content online in her native language; and how indigenous languages are at risk of being extinguished in Guatemala, due to discrimination towards indigenous people.

Ep 6 - Yamanik Cholotío on accessibility and respect for indigenous languages on the Internet

In this episode, Yamanik Cholotio, indigenous feminist woman and Guatemalan communicator, invites us to reflect on which are the most appropriate technologies and platforms for indigenous communities, and why it is important to make them more accessible.